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The Immunostimulant Antiviral Compound – Elixir of Aviel Krutinsky

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   Today is April 27th – my birthday, however, as a true anti-capitalist and anti-satanic dissident, today I also wished to do everything the “inside out” way, and instead of receiving gifts, I decided by myself to give to the world a good fruit – my elixir, and also a complex antiviral method. With respect – Aviel Krutinsky.
   I hope this publication will help a large number of people, especially in conditions of self-medication, if the limit of medical institutions is reached in their region and if there is no one to rely on.















   ATTENTION! You have the right to independently make the compounds based on the essential oils described in this publication for private purposes absolutely free of charge. You have the right to use and test these compounds free of charge on other people, without collecting from them a payment, with their permission and under their responsibility. Me – the creator – I share with you this fruit of mine. One of many.
   However, in case of possible following research activity on these compounds and their analogies, in case of commercial production, opening of a startup, sale and registering of the compounds and also close analogies of them – it is necessary to apply for my permission.
   State authorities are free to produce the compounds only for treating people free of charge.

   Further in this publication you will find a detailed formulation of preparation, as well as the exclusive and thoroughly explained methodology of non-classical modes of using the experimental Elixir of Aviel Krutinsky – the 100% Natural Active Antiviral Immunostimulant and Disinfecting Complex of Preventive Prophylactic and Healing Innate Medicine.
   The compound includes two tens of components (available in usual pharmacies without a prescription), it is produced without any difficulties by simply mixing the components at room temperature and is relatively inexpensive in the price of the components themselves – if you buy the components with a volume of 5-10 ml, then the assembled compound will cost approximately about 100 euros (of course, depending on the retail pricing policy for these components in the region where they are purchased), and the finished compound will have an abundant volume.
   But, keep in mind one peculiarity – it is very doubtful, that the compound will help evil, insidious and selfish people (the lawless people) – its action is directly related to the spiritual balance. I will also provide you with the medicine for healing of the soul and heart in this publication – this, moreover, I never spare and do gladly share with my neighbors.

   I repeat once again – the experimental compound can be produced free of charge by any reader of this article for personal needs. This is my gift to you! Be healthy!


   There is a real pandemic in the world. And, even if they manage to suppress it, where is the guarantee that there will not be one more, two, three, etc.? And this is in addition to the fact that more and more cases of relapse and repeated contaminations are recorded, including, apparently, with the already mutated virus.
   Many organizations do their utmost to deny the artificial origin of COVID-19, proving that this is, they say, a mutation from bats to some other beast, and from it to humans. And I, as usually, ask a tricky question – if such a mutation is possible in the natural environment, then why cannot it be provoked in the same way artificially in any aviary? It turns out – that it can be... Why is it necessary to be done only in vitro? There are probably other ways to develop biological weapons in order to disguise them as a natural mutation (at least – by placing the representatives of different species of fauna in aviaries, infecting them and studying the mutation and transition of the virus from one type of living creatures to another). Who said that the biological weapons are necessarily made “in vitro” and are necessarily difficult? Even the conquistadors were maliciously infecting the Indians with the smallpox and flu by giving them the things and clothes of the sick, and the whole villages were dying... And all because they did not have the immunity.

   This is why the immunity and the experimental compound for its strengthening will be further discussed. One pandemic will pass, but where is the guarantee that another will not start, or that the viral mutations will not become permanent and will not systematically be replacing each other? During the last 30 years, the pharmaceutical companies have almost completely weaned many doctors from treating the real sources of disease, retraining them only to relieve symptoms with the help of the trendy potent targeted chemicals.
   The World Health Organization has already recognized the potential danger of lack of immunity in those who are considered "recovered." But is this a recovery? Huge amounts of money are being spent on feeding people with heavy chemicals that do not contribute to the development of immunity, but rather weaken the body. The experimental compound (the Elixir of Aviel Krutinsky) operates in a fundamentally different way – strengthening and pushing the human immune system itself to confront and defeat the virus.

   You will be able to produce this experimental natural compound for yourself and test its properties, as a preventative agent that prepares the immunity before the contamination, as well as in form of the additional agent, also during the treatment of the coronavirus COVID-19, as well as many other viral diseases.
   The fact is that there are a sufficient number of drugs that kill viruses in the body, including the coronavirus COVID-19, however, the main problem is that killing the virus in the body is not enough – this is not exactly the “healing”, because It does not guarantee that the relapse will not follow, as well as the possibility of the re-infection.
   Also – it should be understood that the question of developing a vaccine from the COVID-19 (for instance) is due to the fact that the virus does mutate, and not hypothetically, but de facto, as well as the fact that foci around the world, as recent studies show, today are already caused by at least three of its varieties. The situation with vaccines may well turn into a seasonal business of pharmaceutical giant companies – the same as in the case with the flu, that every season and different forms will need a new vaccine – this possibility exists ...
   And what to do then? The answer is quite specific – to accelerate and upgrade the human immune system, the resistance of which to the virus is not only a formula for the actual healing, but also a preventive measure against the infection itself, as well as a measure of facilitation and acceleration of the course of the disease if the contamination does occur. This is precisely what the Elixir is aiming for, the compound and the methods of application of which will be discussed further.


   At the time of writing of this publication, the compound is just experimental and undergoes only the first voluntary testing against COVID-19. It is still untimely to talk about statistics and guaranteed results. The picture will be more complete if more volunteers join the testing and share their results (you can do it directly in the comments to the publication).
   The first reports showed that with the preventive use of the compound before the infection, at the time when it did happen – the disease manifested itself in a light form and starting from the second stage – with coughing out of the sputum. At the same time, the symptoms were limited to the loss of smell, cough, light form of conjunctivitis, slack headaches and slight dizziness. Since the onset of the symptoms, the compound was used in conjunction with consuming once a day a full tea spoon with a slide of baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate) slaked in a big cup with boiling water (after that cooled to the point of being able to drink in one gulp); several (7-10) drops of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of drinking water, also during the day the strong decoction (tea) of ginger and lemon was being consumed.
   In addition to that, the compound showed a powerful preventive strengthening and healing effect against other viral and non-viral diseases, and in a number of points – including even the antiphlogistic effect, which quickly relieved pain and swelling of the lymph nodes.
   The medical properties of each component of the Elixir are well known separately, which was taken into consideration during the development of the compound, however, I specifically emphasize that it is necessary to test the properties of the full compound as quickly as possible directly on a sufficient number of patients with the COVID-19 for generating statistics that I propose to gather to all concerned parties, as well as to collect more information about the strength of preventive protection and increasing the initial resistance to the infection when using this compound.


   The conceptual difference between this experimental medicinal compound and various medicaments is that it was created not only for use during the infection (the components contain powerful antiviral substances – killers of the viruses themselves), but also as a preventive agent to maximize the chances of avoiding the infection as such – due to increasing immunity, or to transfer the disease (if the contamination happens) in the light form.

   The medicinal compound, being completely NATURAL, was originally created as an agent suitable for use in tandem with almost any medicines, complementing their action with those functions that chemical preparations do not have, but which are found only in the natural components of medicinal plants.
   For example, when infected with the Coronavirus COVID-19, the medicinal compound can be used simultaneously with the medicament Ivermectinum (the effectiveness of which in the fight against COVID-19 has been demonstrated by recent studies), which suppresses and even, according to the researchers, kills the COVID-19 – however, the Ivermectinum itself alone will not help develop immunity to the virus, and, therefore, the patient may get the disease relapse, and also nobody canceled the risk of re-infection. However, the Active Antiviral Immunostimulant Complex – the experimental compound – is designed to accelerate the production of immunity, which will help to get to the healing point – due to the immunity of the person himself, and not only to the temporary elimination of the viral infection, which is the result of the use of most other drugs, for example, medicines for malaria or AIDS, with which the Active Antiviral Immunostimulant Complex can also be effectively used in parallel for the treatment of the COVID-19.
   If a specific set of drugs is being already used in the treatment, the addition of the Elixir of Aviel Krutinsky (the medicinal compound) should give a better result.


   The medicinal compound, according to the known properties of its individual components, is designed to solve several problems at the same time (which should also be checked and confirmed clinically, although the first positive results have already been obtained):

1. Strengthen the immune system and increase the initial resistance to infection;
2. Accelerate the development of immunity during infection;
3. To have anti-virus effects – to attack the viruses themselves;
4. To have antiseptic effects;
5. To have a general disinfecting effect;
6. To exert a general strengthening and a general wellness effect;
7. To have a large number of medicinal properties – in parallel to be effective vs. the mass of other viral and non-viral diseases.

   Preliminary contraindications: pregnancy, allergies, asthma, hypertension (in case of the abundant consumption the standard compound can slightly (but not in all cases) raise the blood pressure – the patients with hypertension should use the compound carefully and moderately – there also exists a separate “gentle” formula for the patients with hypertension described below).


   Pure medicinal base – essential oil drops (the most expensive product of 19 main components).
90% are 18 pure concentrated essential oils (except camphor oil and lemongrass oil, the rest are in equal proportions, and camphor oil and lemongrass oil is doubled):

1. camphor (2x);
2. lemongrass (2x);
3. juniper;
4. oregano;
5. thyme;
6. eucalyptus;
7. tea tree;
8. laurel;
9. incense;
10. cypress;
11. pine;
12. cloves;
13. peppermint;
14. sage;
15. fennel;
16. ylang-ylang;
17. lemon balm;
18. cinnamon.

10% Extra Virgin olive oil is the main component No. 19 (none other than Extra Virgin, and, in the case of the production of an oil ball pencil, remove Extra Virgin olive oil from the main medicinal compound of the essential oils, because Extra Virgin olive oil is a part of the oil ball pencil in other proportions).

   ATTENTION! For hypertensive patients, change the compound – remove camphor oil, peppermint oil and pine oil from the compound – add essential oils instead: 1x ylang-ylang (will be 2x in the compound), another 1x lemongrass (will be 3x in the compound) and 2x lavender officinalis.

   ATTENTION! If for any reason you do not find on sale up to 20% of the components, but find at least 80% – do produce at least an incomplete compound – it will not possess all of the qualities, but will also be healing. Of course, the production of the full compound is recommended.



   Base for a ball or other oil pencil: Extra Virgin olive oil (50% olive oil in relation to 50% of the medicinal base from the mentioned above essential oils).
   ATTENTION! To enhance the properties, 30% (of the visual volume of the pencil) of the Dead Sea salt should be poured into the oil pencil – the main component No. 20 for oil pencils (in the absence of the Dead Sea salt – use ordinary sea salt – it is less effective, but also improves the properties of the oil pencil) – the salt is almost insoluble in oils, but gives them its valuable components, pouring crystals look aesthetically pleasing in a transparent oil pencil, and also help mixing the components during shaking.

   Base for the alcohol-containing spray: 10% Extra Virgin olive oil, food alcohol 60% of the total composition, respectively – 30% of the pure compound of essential oils.

   On the basis of a pure compound, it is also possible to produce ointment by adding 50% Vaseline, 10% natural honey and 10% Dead Sea salt (or just ordinary sea salt) to 30% of the compound containing 10% olive oil (drops).


   The pure compound of the essential oils contains all 4 major medicinal components that are used in the production of the worldwide known Vietnam Gold Star ointment. However, the potency and properties of the compound are many times stronger.

   ALSO – the mixture for the oil pencil can be used in tandem with other ointments and gels for many purposes – including for tumors, pains, fractures, arthritis and many other symptoms and diseases.

   ATTENTION! As a rule, buying large volumes of essential oils is much more profitable, because there are no extra cans, extra packaging and extra instructions in the kit. It is more profitable to buy volumes of 30 ml. Rather than 10 ml...

   ATTENTION! Mix the pure medicinal compound by shaking and store without adding 10% olive oil for use in the form of drops, and only in glass hermetically sealed bottles in complete darkness at room temperature!
   Mixing a pure essential base with olive oil to produce drops or an oil pencil in small volumes is more convenient to do with a syringe.

   ATTENTION! The medicinal properties of natural plant essential oil extracts directly depend on the quality of these components – only pure, concentrated, 100% essential oils of the highest quality should be used. In other mixtures there is no sense.

   ATTENTION! The maximum effect gives the use of at least two products at the same time – the oil pencil and the pure medicinal compound! The disinfectant alcohol solution is an addition (but also extremely effective for its narrow tasks, in which it has practically no competitors).


   The primary proposed methods (tested by the author on himself, on family, on friends) of maximum use IN THE PANDEMIC MODE in the absence of the infection symptoms (preventive use to reduce the risk of getting sick or for preventive preparation for the disease) – carefully monitor the state and reaction of the body in case of abundant consumption of the compound – reduce the frequency and dosage of consumption in case of unpleasant conditions (clean drop composition, oil ball-pencil and spray should be shaken well before use):

1. Rub the oil pencil mixture into the veins in the wrists (up to 5 times a day) – in the wrists the veins are located very close to the skin surface and the compound, due to its active diffusion and volatile properties, enters the blood using this technique;
2. Smear (and rub) with an oil pencil the temples and neck in the carotid artery zone (up to 3 times a day);
3. Easily (it can pinch) to smear with the oil pencil under the nose and around the nostrils, as well as the maxillary sinuses and under the lower lip for inhalation (up to 3 times a day);
4. Drip the medicinal compound (drops containing 10% olive oil), 1 drop (not more) 1-2 times a day in tea or mineral water;
5. Drip the medicinal compound (drops containing 10% olive oil), 2 drops (not more) on the pillowcase before bedtime;
6. Drip the medicinal compound (drops containing 10% olive oil) 1 drop (not more) on the toothbrush when brushing your teeth (the principle of rubbing into the gums);
7. Drip 2-3 drops of the medicinal compound (drops containing 10% olive oil) up to 3 times a day in a ceramic breast amphora worn on the chest throughout the day to scent;
8. Drip 1-2 drops of the medicinal compound (drops containing 10% olive oil) inside the mask 1 time per day;
9. Drip 2 drops of the medicinal compound (drops containing 10% olive oil) into steam inhalation, for example, using the old proven method to breathe, covered with a towel, with steam from boiled potatoes (preventively draining water), on which two drops of the compound were dripped (steam itself kills viruses in the lungs, the potato also has healing properties and the medicinal compound enhances the effectiveness of inhalation) – it is also recommended to drip the medicinal compound into the water used in the sauna for vaporization (for example, poured onto hot stones) – this is also one of the forms of inhalation;
10. Spray with the alcohol-containing spray up to 3 times a day from the outside on the front of the respiratory protective mask, respirator, or the working filter surface of the replaceable half-mask and gas mask filters;
11. Spray with the alcohol-containing spray on the palm of your hand after washing your hands;
12. Spray with the alcohol-containing spray or drip with a clean medicinal composition (for greater effectiveness) into a humidifier, ionizer, or air washer.

   In the case of use by already sick people with severe forms of pulmonary diseases (such as pneumonia), all methods of use associated with inhalation and thermal inhalation must be discussed with doctor. The thermal inhalation is not recommended during pneumonia.

   To ensure the increased efficiency of the compounds, it is recommended to combine the use with a mini sports exercise, which consists of 10 squats, 10 tilts with the arms to the floor, 10 turns of the torso left and right, 10 opening moves with arms from the chest and 10 swimming moves with arms from the shoulder (up to 5 times a day immediately after application of the compound – the blood accelerates through the circulatory system, and appears the abundant inhalation and assimilation of the healing volatile components, which doubles the efficiency). Also, the compound should be used during any sports training.
   The effectiveness of the compound also increases when applied after water and steam procedures, when the skin is clean and the pores are open.

   You should additionally actively use the compound when going out and appearing in public places.

   ATTENTION! Do not use the compound on open wounds, on areas of the skin of the genital organs and avoid contact with the eyes.

   ATTENTION! Inhalation of alcohol and ether vapors can hypothetically lead to a positive reaction of breathalyzers!

   ATTENTION! The use of the described formulas (compounds) is voluntary at your own responsibility.


   Remember – it is almost impossible to recover unless you identify and eliminate the primary sources and causes of the disease.
   The following is a list of recommendations to reduce the risk of weakening the immune system – following these rules will significantly (in some cases several times more) increase the effectiveness of your immune system:

1. Eliminate all sources of microwave and EHF radiation at least in your home (turn off Wi-Fi access points, turn off Wi-Fi transmitters in laptops and phones – use wired Internet);
2. Turn off mobile phones, when at home, at school or at the workplace, whoever needs communication – let them write and call via wired Internet or landline phone (it is advisable not to use mobile communications for no reason at all, and replace smartphones with ordinary outdated 900 megahertz 2nd generation phones and turn them on only when you need to go out);
3. Do not use any sources of microwave and EHF radiation near the head – radio headphones, Bluetooth headsets, etc.;
4. Avoid the proximity of microwave and EHF emitters (especially complex antenna bundles on communication masts);
5. Do not use Solid-State drives permanently – from personal observations I inform you that my friends and I experienced various kinds of pains and exacerbations of diseases when we started upgrading our laptops and acquiring Solid State drives. My friend’s knees hurt when he was holding a laptop with a Solid-State drive on his lap, and when I was holding a laptop with a Solid State drive on my left, my left arm was starting to grow numb and sore, my heart ached, terrible arrhythmia was starting and my blood pressure was increasing, and when I held the laptop on the right – the right side of my body and liver was starting to hurt. And I suffered like that for a rather long time, until I realized what could be the reason. I dismantled the Solid-State drive, returned to the HDD, and everything has normalized. I have no idea how this is connected, and what the problem is. I just testify for a real case, and for the fact that this was observed not only by me. Moreover – they tried to check the working Solid-State drive with both the Geiger counter and for the electromagnetic bursts, but nothing serious was found. Perhaps this is due to some extremely high frequency oscillations that are not recorded by conventional devices. The question remained unexplored and open, but I warned you about the real cases. Know that, generally and principally, the prolonged close contacts with complex computer technology can be fraught with different effects on the structure of body tissues;
6. Avoid inhalation of any foreign breathing mixtures other than clean air by any means. Do not smoke, do not breathe ionized "electronic" fumes, do not breathe exhaust fumes and combustion products of heating systems. Try not to breathe air polluted by the chemtrails –  use the indoor air washers, plant medicinal indoor plants, close windows at night if heating systems are turned on in the district. When on the street, in case of the extreme pollution, use a respirator with a valve for facilitated breathing – it is better than if all this settles in your lungs. Overflowing with combustion products, chemicals and fine metal dust (also from the chemtrails), and especially under the influence of the microwave and EHF emission – the lungs become an “easy target” for the development of severe pneumonia;
7. Do not consume alcohol (especially in the form of beer, vodka, fortified wines and club cocktails);
8. Do not eat convenience foods, ketchups, sauces, sausages and anything else containing complex preservatives, stabilizers, dyes, artificial acids, etc.;
9. Do not eat any genetically modified foods;
10. Reduce the consumption of meat, poultry and fish, especially when it comes to store products in which there are steroids, antibiotics and a huge amount of chemicals present – it is better to refuse such products at all;
11. Do not eat any junk food (chips, "branded" sweets, etc.) and do not eat in fast-food restaurants and snack bars;
12. Do not consume sweet carbonated drinks, soft drinks and juices with preservatives;
13. Do not eat store bread containing extraneous additives (baking powder, acids, stabilizers, etc.) - learn how to bake your bread (for example – pitas on a regular hot skillet without oil under a metal lid on the biggest fire – this is very simple and useful);
14. Do not drink fluorinated water or brush your teeth with any fluoride toothpaste! Better – generally switch to some natural tooth powder and ordinary soda;
15. Limit sugar intake;
16. Be in the sun and fresh air.

   Listen to what I’m telling you, people! Everything possible must be done to completely ban all radio communication systems with the range above 900 megahertz and above the 2nd generation. Also - it is necessary to revive passive paging communication – so that the people can be instantly found and for the possibility to send a message, but so that the people themselves would not keep their phones turned on all the time, but so that they would turn them on only if they need to call someone!
   In addition to that, an international convention should be adopted – prohibiting any corporation, state or private person from introducing and using in ground, atmospheric and orbital conditions radiating (emitting) equipment and any reagents that pose a direct threat to human health. Any such equipment should be dismantled, and orbiting satellites eliminated.
   An international convention should also be adopted on the prohibition of any individual systems of heating on used engine oil, solid briquettes, oil products and gas in urban areas.
   With regard to the problem of the exhaust gases, traffic congestion and infrastructure in general, special laws should be enacted to tightly regulate the right to use personal vehicles, depending on the need and value of the people’s activities.
   Isn’t it clear that the technocratic corporatocratic informational fascism and the bacchanalia of the rights of the lawless to do lawlessness during the capitalism (satanism) has brought the civilization to the brink of extinction? Is it really necessary to wait for the second phase of the apocalyptic events – the destruction of the terrestrial civilization from outer space, as worthless flawed parasites? Together with all the lawlessness of the capitalism and the religious cults covering it, calling slaves to non-resistance and inaction in anticipation of miraculous salvation during the complete connivance and without the fulfillment of the Law...


   So, what can a man himself do being left without medical care in a pandemic of (for instance) the coronavirus COVID-19? A lot or a little?
   First of all, the statistics show that in rich countries, the morbidity and mortality are significantly higher than in poor countries. What is the reason for this? The lifestyle... Gluttony, the consumption of meat with steroids, genetically modified foods, chemicals of all sorts, the widespread microwave and EHF emission, harmful gadgets, smoking, drugs, alcohol and just other ordinary sins – undermining the spiritual balance... The whole satanic set that weakens a person till the completely helpless state in the face of a biological threat.

   So, what, merely speaking, should a person do in the conditions of self-medication:
1. Use the medicinal compound preventively – without waiting for the infection – strengthen and prepare the immune system (you need to prepare for war in advance – don't you know);
2. In case of infection, together with the continued active use of the compound:
A. Once a day on the empty stomach (preferably before supper) drink slaked with boiling water baking soda (one full tea spoon with а slide of Sodium bicarbonate in a big cup with boiling water – wait until it cools down to a warm state and drink in one gulp) – do exercises immediately after drinking (half an hour or an hour of dancing to any fast rhythmic music is very useful);
B. Drink a glass of water twice a day with the addition of 7 drops of hydrogen peroxide;
B. During the day, drink the brewed with boiling water lemon and fresh ginger root, peeled and grated on a fine grater – this tincture is most conveniently brewed in the French press and should be left to infuse wrapped in a towel or under a cover for brewing teas (brewed hard – to drink like a " liquid fire");
G. Take vitamins – preferably in the form of fresh unmodified genetically plant foods;
D. Do not transform into a lying man – move (without straining your heart, at least moderately) – especially after applying the compound and taking soda to disperse in the blood – try to tolerate the disease on your legs – everything is just like in polar conditions – if you give up, lie down and fall asleep – you can freeze and die – fight!


   Now, it remains for me to say several words about how to heal souls and hearts, so that the healing properties of the compound described above would be also complemented by the purity of your souls and hearts.

   Fulfill the Law of Elohim! And for this – study it. To help you do that there exists the tractate “Книга Еврея” (The Book of the Hebrew) – it can be downloaded for free from here: http://ivri.tk (for now it exists only in Russian – use the online translation tools to at least get the general points – the pure text version of the book suitable for the easy online browser plugin translation is here: https://proza.ru/2018/11/15/944 ), also – study the materials of the additional blog, which are listed by name in this publication: https://seferivri.livejournal.com/1352.html (also in Russian, but the articles are so unique, that it is worth it to at least try to read them via the online page translation tools/plugins).

   And most importantly – EXHORT THE NEIGHBORS so as not to bear sin for them – spread what you have learned. Save people from the lies of dogmas, lead them out from the spiritual, mental and capitalist slavery, treat and heal both – souls and bodies, learn for yourself and teach others, drive out the obscurants, everything evil and sinful, give good fruits, do good, fair and rightful deeds and actions – this is the REAL OPPOSITION AND RESISTANCE.



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